Perhaps one of the most ambitious BackStoppers Outlying County Supporter Groups is Jefferson County, also known as BSOJC. Since 2009, BSOJC has hosted and aided many fundraising events benefiting BackStoppers. The group’s dedication combined with the fervent backing for the first responder community from the residents of Jefferson County makes a duo that brings an incredible amount of support to our mission.

BSOJC organizes and helps approximately ten or more fundraising events per year. One of the most anticipated events is their bi-yearly Membership Banquet. BSOJC provides detail on the big event, “The Membership Banquet takes the most work and requires pulling out all the stops. It is a favorite because the payoff on all levels is second to none. The guest speakers are families that have firsthand experienced the benefits from BackStoppers. If you attend this event, if you ever had any doubt about the power of supporting BackStoppers then this will seal the deal. The Membership Banquet energizes our committee, volunteers, supporters, and our guests. The event held every other year sets the bar for the next 23 months of fundraising.”

BSOJC 2021
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The BSOJC committee works year round to coordinate and strategize to maximize every donation. “We spend several hours outside of meetings talking to local businesses and going to first responder agencies to have meetings with area police and fire chiefs. There are so many behind the scenes volunteer hours put in, it is hard to put an exact number on it. I can tell you that we do whatever it takes. Everyone has strengths and everyone works very well together to get done what needs to get done and to make it look effortless!”

Beyond their flagship event being the Membership Banquet, BSOJC also hosts Hats Off for BackStoppers during Memorial Day weekend, Bowling for BackStoppers, and can be seen at marquee BBQ events held in Cedar Hill and De Soto, softball, golf tournaments and more.

When you go to a BSOJC event you can view their Honor Boards, which are displayed to show each fallen hero in the county. They are set in place to honor those heroes and remind guests of why their support matters. “The entire group understands the sacrifice first responders make for the safety of families. There is no better way to pay them back than to ensure their families are protected should something happen to their loved one in the line of duty.”

The future is bright for BSOJC as they ramp up for an event filled summer and fall season. You will want to keep updated on our events calendar as details of the Membership Banquet and many more fundraisers held in Jefferson County will be featured.

“BackStoppers of Jefferson County has set a great example of why our Outlying County Supporter Groups are not only important but an imperative part of our mission. The support from the Jefferson County community has reached well over $500,000 and continues to grow. I am grateful and proud of BSOJC and everyone that elevates their efforts. Your dedication is recognized and appreciated.”- Chief Ron Battelle, BackStoppers Executive Director

BSOJC 2021