From the Families of Our Fallen Heroes

“It is extremely difficult to lose a loved one and even more devastating when that person is the family’s stabilizing force, emotionally and financially…We are grateful for the support that the BackStoppers provides our family.  The calls or emails from Mr. Dan Raniere, simply checking in, are priceless, and knowing that a call or email to The BackStoppers would result in a prompt response by Ms. Jacki is comforting.”

“Without your assistance after my father was killed in the line of duty, I don’t know where my family would be today. We are eternally grateful for everything you do.”

“BackStoppers took that ‘how will we make it?’ away.”

“Because of BackStoppers, we had as few interruptions in life as we could. It’s devastating to lose him, but you’re not losing your home, too, or worrying about where the next meal is coming from.”

“The whole time we were married, my husband would say, ‘I want to take care of you and the kids.’ And in a way, he’s still taking care of us…through BackStoppers.”

“They helped from day one. They said they would be there and they have been.”

“The financial is such a blessing, but even more than that BackStoppers is also incredibly supportive in many other ways. Always making us feel special, they sincerely care about every spouse, child, parent and sibling.”

“They are my backbone, and you can’t do anything without your backbone.”

“I thought at the time, this support would come and go, just like much of the support a family gets in a time of grief. I can absolutely say that this perception I had was wrong. The BackStoppers supported us then, and continue to support us now.”

“They stepped in with no questions but how can we help you.”

“I didn’t know how I was going to make it physically, mentally, and financially, but with the help from this wonderful organization, BackStoppers, they gave me hope.”

“Bill knew how much BackStoppers helped families of fallen officers in our area. He said to me ‘[I know you] would be OK if anything were to happen to [me] on the job’. It gave him a good feeling every day he went to work.”

“It was like a heavy burden lifted off me…Thank you from my family to my new family.”