We are honoring the legacy of Captain Ivan LaGrand of the Cape Girardeau Fire Department who died in the line of duty on December 1, 2021 after battling COVID-19. Captain LaGrand was 54 years old and had dedicated 34 years to emergency services.

He served with the Cape Girardeau Fire Department for 25 years and was an emergency medical technician instructor for the Career and Technology Center in Cape Girardeau. Captain LaGrand also taught CPR classes, was a founding member of Seniors and Firefighters Engaged, was a Reserve Deputy and Emergency Dispatcher for the Bollinger County Sheriff’s Department and was a member of the Fire Marshals Association of Missouri and the Jefferson County Marshals Association.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cape Girardeau Fire Department and all who knew and loved Captain Ivan LaGrand.

“My deepest sympathies are extended to the Cape Girardeau community and all the lives that Capt. Ivan LaGrand touched. He lived a life dedicated to public service and his legacy will be forever honored.” – Chief Ron Battelle, BackStoppers Executive Director

Capt. Ivan LaGrand

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We recognize the tremendous sacrifices that public servants make every day when they go to work. We understand the burdens placed on surviving spouses and children when tragedies occur. We believe our community has an obligation to care for the loved ones of those who have protected us. We accept the responsibility to make that happen.  Join us in our cause.  Help us provide life-long support for families of fallen heroes by donating or joining online or by mail to the address below.

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