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“Yeah, I Can Do That” Book Signing with Lane Carl

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The “Yeah, I Can Do That” by Lane Carl book signing will be held on October 7th at the Rock Community Fire Protection District House 5.

• 9:30a to 12:30p
• 10% of proceeds benefit BackStoppers
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About the Author: Lane went from teaching in a high school art room sixteen years ago to becoming a full time professional firefighter paramedic.  When she was looking for a new career path she was told by a career firefighter, a friend, that firefighting is the greatest profession.  She trusted in that, and now is in her third year as a career firefighter at Rock Community Fire Protection District located in Jefferson County, Missouri.  Although Lane traded in her teacher’s ID for bunker pants and a leather helmet, she hasn’t lost her desire to create.  As a female in a very male dominated field she felt a calling to share her journey and experience in the fire service.

Lane has big plans for Indie to continue to show you life in the fire service, and to show young girls and women that they can do it!

The BackStoppers is solely a recipient of the proceeds and not an organizer of the event.