CJ Moore, son of Maryland Heights Fire Protection District Firefighter Paramedic Chris Moore, EOW 6/8/19, became a Junior Firefighter this year. The Eureka Fire Protection District Junior Firefighters Program is made for young people with an eagerness to learn more about fire and rescue, emergency services and serving the community. CJ gives us a glimpse of what a day as Junior Firefighter looks like, and what this program means to him.

Firefighter/Paramedic Chris Moore
CJ Moore

Sunday morning a group of 14- to 18-year-olds gather at the Fire District to see what their day as a Junior Firefighter will hold. This day can be filled with training to ride the emergency apparatus, assisting with community events, or even helping firefighters at actual emergency scenes. CJ recalls his first moments in the program which is sure to have been met with nerves and excitement, “During my first training I felt welcomed, and I was assured that this was going to be great.”

The Junior Firefighter training comes with education on the job as well as some hefty challenges. CJ shares some of his highlighted experiences, “When we get to the fire district Mr. Trower talks to us for a while and then we do some practical drills in gear. My favorite experience so far was when we did a blind-folded search and rescue using only our hands while dragging a 100-pound dummy out of a burn tower.”

CJ Moore
CJ Moore

The trying tasks are all part of the Junior Firefighters Program and meant to simulate what senior firefighters encounter on a regular basis. “There are challenges that come with being a Junior Firefighter. It can get hot in your gear sometimes. You work very hard at certain things like rolling up hoses. I like those kinds of challenges.”

It is important that younger people like CJ take it upon themselves to recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to be a first responder. We are proud of CJ and are looking forward to seeing what he does next. It is an honor for us to serve the children of fallen heroes and to forever honor their legacy.

“BackStoppers is extremely helpful in times of need and is a great way to stay connected with other families of fallen firefighters. Even though my dad isn’t here, BackStoppers helps to fill some of that.” – CJ Moore

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