Tori Moore, daughter of Maryland Heights Firefighter Paramedic Chris Moore, EOW 6/8/19, has been on an equestrian journey. Tori and her horse, Ledoux, have developed a steadfast relationship and excel in horseback riding competitions, especially barrel racing. Tori shares what brought her to horses, the challenges and rewards of the sport, and what she hopes for in the future.

The art of horseback riding requires humble beginnings. It takes discipline and patience to accomplish the basic practices. Tori used both to progress quickly over three years. “I started riding at Long Meadow Rescue Ranch just taking lessons and I loved it.  I was asked to be a part of the horsemanship club and now I help train all the rescue horses that were once abused, neglected, or surrendered. I love every minute of being at the barn and with the horses. Then three years later I was finally able to get my own horse and start barrel racing.”

Firefighter Paramedic Chris Moore
Tori Moore

Tori and Ledoux share a bond that formed as a result of learning each other’s strengths and limits. “We’ve finally clicked and we know how each of us work. We are finally figuring things out together. His favorite thing is treats, he loves being stretched, and loves going to barrel races and trail riding. He always takes care of me and knows my limitations as I learn as well. His personality has really been coming out recently.” Tori and Ledoux have proven to be the perfect team that has been shown in competition.

With numerous barrel racing competitions under her belt, Tori explains some of the challenges of the sport, “I think my biggest challenge I’ve had to overcome is learning to ride the horse at Long Meadow who had never been under the saddle before and having to overcome that fear when they buck, kick, or rear.” Where there is challenge there is also reward when accompanied with discipline. “The greatest reward has been becoming good enough to get my own horse and going to barrel races and having that bond with my own horse. My favorite memory of owning my own horse was winning first place and getting my first prize.”

The work and growth continue, and Tori strives to excel, “My biggest goal is to be good enough to ride in the big rodeos and win money and buckles. My next goal is to start hitting rodeos and barrel races every weekend. I would like to take my horse with me when I go to college, participate in rodeos, and make the college rodeo team”. Recently Tori visited Missouri State University where she wishes to attend.

We are very proud of Tori and greatly admire her dedication to horseback riding. Our ongoing assistance includes extracurricular activities and sports. We consider it an honor to encourage dreams in this way. “BackStoppers has been so amazing to me and my family. I can’t imagine not having BackStoppers’ help to support our family. None of this would even be possible without them. We are so thankful for them. My brother and I have been able to get the support we need with our schooling and after school activities. They are also helping me when I go to college. All these decisions are so stressful, and BackStoppers has helped my mom and I know we won’t be on our own in these decisions. Every time we see someone in the community supporting BackStoppers we just smile and think of it as a way to help keep my dad’s memory alive.  I know my dad would be my biggest fan if he was here and BackStoppers helps to stand in his spot.”

Tori Moore