BackStoppers has provided $50,000 in assistance to the family of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Capt. (Ret.) David Dorn who was shot and killed on June 2, 2020 after responding to an alarm at the pawn shop where he served as a security guard.

Capt. (Ret.) Dorn was 77 years old. He served 38 years with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and served as Chief of Police for Moline Acres. He is survived by his wife, adult children and grandchildren.

Our sincerest regards and prayers are extended to family and friends of Capt. (Ret.) Dorn, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the community he served. We will never forget Capt. (Ret.) Dorn, and we will honor his life and memory.

Capt. (Ret.) David Dorn EOW 6/2/20

The family of Capt. (Ret.) Dorn has requested that donations be made to The BackStoppers or CrimeStoppers. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department cautions against crowd funding pages most of which have not been authorized by the family. Read more.

We recognize the tremendous sacrifices that public servants make every day when they go to work. We understand the burdens placed on surviving spouses and children when tragedies occur. We believe our community has an obligation to care for the loved ones of those who have protected us. We accept the responsibility to make that happen.  Join us in our cause.  Help us provide life-long support for families of fallen heroes by donating or joining online or by mail to the address below.

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