Deputy Larry Gardner, Monroe County IL Sheriff's Department

Deputy Larry Gardner, Monroe County IL Sheriff’s Department

Deputy Larry Gardner with the Monroe County IL Sheriff’s Department has supported our mission for over a decade with the Monroe County BackStoppers.  Then, during last year’s first-ever BackStoppers Member Drive, Larry joined.  He didn’t stop there.  He took to social media calling on friends, family, co-workers, and his community to support BackStoppers through a gift of membership, to Become a BackStopper.

We asked Deputy Gardner to talk about his dedication to our cause.  It’s fitting that he immediately thought of his local group, the Monroe County BackStoppers, and their commitment to our mission that shows in the annual Trivia Nights and other BackStoppers events.  Read what Deputy Larry Gardner has to say about his decision to join The BackStoppers:

I have been involved with the BackStoppers organization for a little over 12 years.  Some of our Officers, Firefighters, Medics, and spouses formed the Monroe County BackStoppers.  Our committee works hard annually to raise money for BackStoppers.  To date, we have raised just over $234,000.00.

Even with the great success of our efforts, I felt a need to do more.  During last year’s membership drive, I became a member of The BackStoppers.  I think it is so important to support this great organization, knowing if something happens to me in the line of duty, they will be there to take care of my family.

I have worked closely with their staff for the last 12 years and can’t say enough about their passion for this organization.  I guess their passion has infected me.

So this year please consider becoming a member of the BackStoppers.  I did and you can too!

Deputy Larry Gardner
Monroe County IL Sheriff’s Dept.
Proud BackStopper’s Member

We’re very fortunate to be supported by dedicated and proud members such as Deputy Gardner and the Monroe County BackStoppers.  The membership funds we receive help us provide about $1.5 million in assistance annually.  When you become a BackStopper, you know you are playing a part in supporting families who’ve lost a loved one in the line of duty.  This year, we have begun providing assistance to the families of three fallen heroes and have provided assistance to two officers catastrophically injured in the line of duty.  Joining, renewing, and calling your friends and family to action helps us in our cause.

Join this week during the final days of our Member Drive to help us care for 80 families of fallen heroes with 66 dependent children.  Answer Deputy Larry Gardner’s call to action; become a BackStopper today.  He did and you can, too!

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