On August 29, 2021, Officer Tamarris Bohannon of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department was shot and killed while responding to a call. Officer Bohannon was only 29 years old, and he left behind his wife, Alexis, and their three children. He dedicated over three years of service to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

Officer Bohannon had a heart for making a difference in the community he served. Alexis Bohannon shares how her husband viewed his job, “My husband decided to become a police officer because he wanted to change his community. He lived and breathed the city that helped shape his life in so many ways.” His passion for his work did not go unnoticed as many describe him as always going above and beyond while on duty.

Bohannon Family
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“Following the events of August 29th, my world and that of my children has since changed forever”, Alexis says as she recalls the tragic day. The city not only lost a dedicated public servant, but a family lost their husband and father.

The grief and pain that families face upon such a tragedy is unimaginable. Alexis provides insight into what those days look like, “I know how it feels to not get anything done for days at a time. I know what it is like to have to explain to your children that their daddy is not coming home. I know how it feels to wake up and dread each day that my husband is not by my side.”

The news of the loss of Officer Bohannon hit the St. Louis area in a big way, and the community immediately responded. He was honored at major league sports games and many fundraising events. In September, Oakville High School, where Alexis and Tamarris attended high school, presented BackStoppers with a donation in his honor.

Alexis expresses how she overcomes and uses her circumstances to help others, “I can choose to let it consume me or I can choose to do something about it and use my voice to help others that may feel the same way. I choose the latter. To any surviving families out there, know that you are not alone. We are here with you and we are here to support you.”

It is an honor to serve the Bohannon family. Alexis has been generous to dedicate some of her time speaking on behalf of our mission. “When people found out about what happened to my husband, I was approached by multiple people looking to donate, and I always referred them back to BackStoppers. Since BackStoppers stepped forward right away in helping our family, it seemed only right to then give back to the organization that helped us in so many ways.”

We step in immediately upon the line of duty death of a first responder. Our assistance is immediate and ongoing and covers everything from eliminating debt, providing health insurance, assisting with educational costs and much more. Learn more about how we help at: BackStoppers.org

Bohannon Family