BackStoppers Name and Logo Use Guidelines

Please describe in detail the proposed fundraiser and all additional features. Unlimited alcohol, open bar, and that which does not support the mission and values of BackStoppers cannot be used with the BackStoppers name or logo.
This is a third-party fundraiser benefiting Budweiser Guns 'N Hoses, and has been approved by Guns 'N Hoses.
Guns 'N Hoses verifies that the third-party fundraiser is in compliance with all applicable laws. Guns 'N Hoses has verified appropriate insurance, permits, waivers, etc.
Guns 'N Hoses has communicated to the third-party fundraiser organizer that advertising with the BackStoppers name and logo may not proceed without approval of this form. Upon approval, Guns 'N Hoses supplies the organizer with the BackStoppers Name and Logo Use Guidelines.