From daycare through university, our assistance and commitment to helping the children of fallen heroes will never waver. Educational costs and expenses continue to rise, and we understand the financial toll that takes on a family. We are honored to assist and be a part of our families’ educational aspirations and goals.

The BackStoppers Education Fund covers tuition at all levels, technology, textbooks, housing on- and off-campus and related costs, uniforms, school supplies, tutoring, extracurricular activities, sports, clubs and more.

“I’m deeply grateful to the BackStoppers Education Fund for enabling my pursuit of higher education. With BackStoppers’ full-ride opportunity, I earned my bachelor’s degree in human resource development. Without the unwavering support of BackStoppers, the cost of tuition and college expenses would have been insurmountable. Their generosity allowed me to fully concentrate on my studies, turning my dreams of higher education into a reality. The Education Fund has not only provided financial assistance but has also empowered me to achieve the seemingly impossible.” – Layne Vascoe, Daughter of St. Charles Firefighter Bradley Pierce, EOW 8/6/00

L Vascoe One
Raiden B

“BackStoppers has been a really big help for Raiden. As a family that primarily homeschools, we were blessed to get assistance in purchasing the homeschool curriculum we need to ensure Raiden is staying on top of his studies. It alleviates a lot of the worries of homeschooling. Due to this help, Raiden is excelling in his studies, which has allowed him to advance past his grade level. BackStoppers also covers the costs of his extracurriculars like karate and art class so that he can have activities and socialize. Raiden and I appreciate BackStoppers and everything they do for not just our family, but for the many families that they support. Thank you, BackStoppers!” ShyAne Hernandez, Mother of Raiden Burns, Son of Bonne Terre Police Ptlm. Lane Burns, EOW 3/17/22