EMT Scherese Bishop lost her life in the line of duty on March 11, 2011. She served with the Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District for three years, and she left behind her 7-year old daughter, Sch’erica. Eleven years later, Sch’erica opens up about who her mom was, and how she pays homage to her mother’s legacy today as she begins a new chapter of life.

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EMT Scherese Bishop would often be called upon at home to assist her community. She did this all while being a mother. Sch’erica shares more about what made her mother special, “There is so much that I could say about my mother. From the bright smile she gave everyone to her sense of humor, and her very strong personality! I remember every day before she left, she would say, ‘Bye, I have to go save some lives’ which gives me motivation every day to get up and save some lives! One thing I know my mother was big on was smiling and positivity. When my mother passed the one thing I heard most about her was how her smile would light up the room. She was called “Sunshine” because she was a light that shined on everybody’s life. She wouldn’t let anyone see anyone overlook her loud red hair, and her smile was something no one could see past!”

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Sch’erica recently completed EMT courses at Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District, the same department where her mother served. She reveals her experience and challenges she faced in her training, “EMT training was full of surprises, every day I would put on the uniform, go to the classroom, or get on the ambulance. It was a rush of excitement to know that not only would I be living out the legacy my mother started but know that I am helping save lives! There were also challenges. I never wanted to show fear even if it was a call that might have scared me, I had to put my best foot forward and quickly think because someone’s life was in my hand.”

At a very young age Sch’erica had to face the unimaginable loss of her mother. Sch’erica recalls how she felt during the devastating aftermath, “’You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.’ I am a true example of this powerful quote. I was only seven years old at the time, and at that very moment I felt like my world was falling apart. Not only was there a void of my mother’s presence but also financially. I never knew how I would pay for school, medical bills and so much more.”

Sch’erica was not forgotten. BackStoppers stepped in to help by providing educational assistance and more. “The BackStoppers helped me fill that void. It never brought my mother back, but it made some things a lot less stressful. I am so thankful to be a part of the BackStoppers. They have helped put me through high school and assisted me with my EMT courses. I am now able to work on building a legacy my mother left behind without worrying about not being financially supported.”

From daycare through university, our assistance and commitment to helping the children of fallen heroes will never waiver. Educational costs and expenses continue to rise, and we understand the financial toll that can have on a family. We are honored to assist and be a part of our families’ educational aspirations and goals.