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August 31, 2016

Assistance for Officer Tudor

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The BackStoppers is providing assistance to Officer Craig Tudor who was catastrophically injured in a head-on automobile accident while responding to an emergency call on August 25th, 2016. Officer Tudor is an 11-year veteran of the Hazelwood Police Department.  During this extremely challenging time, we honor Office Tudor and […]
August 27, 2016

Brielle and Nora Sage’s Lemonade Stand

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Brielle and Nora Sage's Lemonade Stand raised $785 for The BackStoppers and $785 for Officer Mike Flamion for a grand total of $1,570! When 7-year old Brielle and 5-year old Nora Sage decided they wanted to organize a lemonade stand, their mother, Cindy, listed five choices […]
July 24, 2016

Roderick and Victoria Support The BackStoppers!

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When Roderick and Victoria and each of their siblings were tasked with deciding on a project to complete this summer, Roderick chose organizing a lemonade stand and donating the proceeds to BackStoppers. 7-year old Roderick and 4-year old Victoria worked the lemonade stand all morning […]
July 11, 2016

Assistance for Officer Mike Flamion

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The BackStoppers has provided assistance to Officer Michael Flamion who was shot on July 8th, 2016, and remains in critical but stable condition. Officer Flamion is a nine year veteran of law enforcement who joined the Ballwin Police Department in 2014 and previously served with the De […]
March 29, 2016

Heartfelt Words of Thanks

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Last week, we learned that Joshua Ballman, son of fallen Officer Tom Ballman, had written a beautiful letter thanking The Corner Pub & Grill family of restaurants for their support of The BackStoppers.  We were very touched by his kind words.  It quickly became clear […]
March 2, 2016

Assisting the Family of Officer Ronald Strittmatter

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We have just learned of the line of duty death of Officer Ronald Strittmatter of the Lakeshire Police Department and are now assisting his family.  Officer Strittmatter suffered a heart attack at home on January 3, 2015 following a shift during which he was on multiple calls. Officer Strittmatter […]
August 24, 2015

Assisting the Family of Sgt. Peggy Vassallo

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// // <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=/backstoppers/photos_stream?_fb_noscript=1" />The BackStoppers is now assisting the family of Sgt. Peggy Vassallo of the Bellefontaine Neighbors Police Department who died in the line of duty on August 24, 2015 while standing outside of a vehicle. Sgt. Vassallo ran the D.A.R.E. […]
May 20, 2015

Assisting the Family of City Marshal of Miramiguoa Village Kevin Dziejma

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The BackStoppers is now assisting the family of City Marshal of Miramiguoa Village Kevin Dziejma who died in the line of duty on May 18, 2015 during a traffic stop. Marshal Dziejma served as the City Marshal of Miramiguoa Village for five years.  He is survived […]