Golfers, please find below the hole assignments for your team. Don’t forget to still stop by the registration table for the Drone Ball Drop and Putting Contest!

Hole 1A
Guth Team #1

Hole 1B
Guth Team #2

Hole 2A
Guth Team #3

Hole 2B
Guth Team #4

Hole 3A
Incentive Concepts

Hole 3B
Charles Galli

Hole 4A
Albrecht Foundation #1

Hole 5A
Albrecht Foundation #2

Hole 6A
Aero Charter

Hole 7A
Jason Schnuck

Hole 8A
Mike Shanahan #1

Hole 8B
Mike Shanahan #2

Hole 9A
Police/Fire Team

Hole 10A
Mike Raynor

Hole 11A
Grey Eagle #1

Hole 11B
Grey Eagle #2

Hole 12A
Asset Consulting Group

Hole 13A
Ted Garrett

Hole 13B
Joe Sivewright

Hole 14A
Ralph Hager

Hole 15A
Scott Schnuck

Hole 15B
Todd Schnuck

Hole 16A

Hole 16B
Fairview Heights FOP Lodge 217

Hole 17A
Wilson Steel

Hole 18A
Breakthru #1

Hole 18B
Breakthru #2