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Hold a Fundraiser

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We gratefully benefit from fundraisers held on our behalf.  Please read this page and follow the link at the bottom to submit your fundraiser for approval.  All events, fundraisers, and promotions must go through our office.

Whether it’s a 5k, golf tournament, BBQ, or promotion at a local business, fundraisers are a great opportunity to support families of fallen heroes and raise awareness of our cause.  We are extremely thankful for the hard work and dedication of organizers, volunteers, and sponsors who make events for BackStoppers fun and successful.

Fundraiser Proceeds

Fundraiser proceeds may be donated by mail to our donation lockbox (PO Box 795168, St. Louis, MO 63179-0700) or online at our donation page.  Cash proceeds must be donated in the form of a cashier’s check or money order and may not be given to a BackStoppers representative at an event or brought to the office.  Be sure to indicate the fundraiser when donating proceeds.

Name and Logo Use

The BackStoppers name and logo are trademarked and may not be altered.  The BackStoppers name and logo may be used where indicating an approved fundraiser benefits BackStoppers.  Other uses must be approved prior to including the name or logo on items, merchandise, promotional materials, etc.  Our name and logo may not be used in a manner that suggests The BackStoppers is an organizer or presenter of an event, promotion, fundraiser, campaign, etc.  The BackStoppers does not approve the use of our name and logo on crowdfunding sites.  Other graphics and designs created by BackStoppers or appearing on BackStoppers’ own merchandise, materials, etc. may not be used.

  • Current BackStoppers Logos for use where indicating an approved fundraiser benefits The BackStoppers
  • Logo variations for small print are available upon request.

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Please use the Fundraiser Submission Form to receive approval from The BackStoppers office.