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Chief Silvernail Memorial Stickers and Decals

Honor Fire Chief (Ret.) Jim Silvernail with Memorial Window Decals and Helmet Stickers

On April 25, 2018, we lost a cherished member of the community, Fire Chief (Ret.) Jim Silvernail.  Chief Silvernail’s dedication to his fellow firefighters and to families of fallen heroes is remarkable.  Firefighting and The BackStoppers were two of his greatest passions, and he made both better and impacted each directly with his tireless efforts and endless enthusiasm.

To honor Chief Silvernail’s memory, Metro West Firefighters have created helmet stickers and window decals benefiting BackStoppers.  The beautiful design incorporates each of the departments with which Chief Silvernail served; Creve Coeur Fire Protection District, Metro West Fire Protection District, and Mehlville Fire Protection District.

2″ Helmet Stickers are available for a $5 minimum donation
4″ Window Decals are available for a $9 minimum donation

Honor Chief Silvernail with a window decal or helmet sticker benefiting The BackStoppers today.  Both 2″ helmet stickers and 4″ window decals are available.  100% of the proceeds support BackStoppers and the families of fallen heroes.  Please use the donate button above to receive the Chief Silvernail memorial stickers and decals.

Chief Silvernail served on the BackStoppers Board of Directors, as a Family Friend volunteer, and as an Event Representative. His commitment to the mission of BackStoppers will forever be imbedded in our hearts. His legacy will forever live on in our organization, the lives of those we help, and the community. We are eternally grateful for his service. His zeal, kindness, and heart will never be forgotten and will continue to be a part of the work we do. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chief Silvernail’s family and everyone whose life he touched as a firefighter, Fire Chief, BackStoppers supporter, and friend.

Thank you for supporting The BackStoppers and honoring the memory of Fire Chief (Ret.) Jim Silvernail!

For sticker/decal questions, please contact
Mark at mgilliam2665[at]att[dot]net.

The sticker/decal design is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or used without permission.